While you might be deterred to go to usual clubs or pubs to meet with older women for any reason, millions others are doing what they like without any hesitation. The thing is that the real environment might not be a good place to start looking for the right partner for this kind of relationship.

If you are up to cougar dating relationship, you will need to find the right place to find the right partner. The niche online dating site is indeed your best chance. So, save your time and effort to do your own research and read our review about DateACougar, one of the best cougar dating sites that you can consider joining with.

Date A Cougar has such strong community base which has the good ratio of younger men and older women. If you are a younger man who are looking for an older woman for fun or serious relationship, you can’t go wrong with this site.

One thing to keep in mind is that this site aims to MILF theme rather than conventional dating type. Although it is essentially created for older women and younger men, you will still find some younger women also join with the site.

Based on the positive reviews that we’ve found on the internet, the users are quite satisfied with the services that the Date A Cougar offers. It is indeed one of the best MILF-themed dating sites out there.

The site is actually easy to navigate. However, folks from overseas might have difficulty in accessing it. The time load is quite slow compared to other platforms. However, you can be wowed by the amazing features which can help you to find your attractive older women instantly. Some of the features noted are the Rapid Match and Ask If She’s Interested. These are the quick features to nudge the other members on the site that you exist. They will pay attention to you once you use these features.

Not to mention that you can also use the useful features like personalized flirts. You can use these to show that you are interested in the profiles you flirt.

This site has around one million active members with high rates of online members on daily basis. Even much better, you are able to see who’s online so that you can initiate a conversation with the online members in no time. If you want to meet more new people, you could log in during the peak hours. You will be surprised at how many people are active that time.

At five bucks a month, it is one of the most affordable cougars dating sites in the world. Don’t get it wrong. There are many cheap cougar dating sites, but most of them cannot bring the desired results to you. You can have peace of mind that Date A Cougar is the exception. It is a reliable and renowned site in its class. Although it does not come with the apps, you could access the site’s mobile version from your favorite mobile device. If you are on a tight budget, Date A Cougar is definitely a top choice to find your attractive cougar to hook up.


  • Coming with a bunch of good features
  • A lot of MILF friends you can find there
  • Prices are affordable
  • Plenty features for free member


  • Outdated design of the site
  • Slow loading time for some folks overseas


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